Universal Takes the Training Wheels Off

Universal Parks is more than a theme park where kids have fun. It’s a place, where kids can face challenges that enable them to not just grow older, but Grow Bolder. In this black and white cinematic commercial, we let kids speak for themselves. As different kids stare into the eyes of a 60-foot beast and face off with raptors, we hear them deliver an ultimatum to their parents. Let me grow up, or you’ll still be doing me laundry even when I’m 37. This honest, dramatic and charming message launches a new campaign and a new position for Universal Parks. There are other places to go if you’re content with being a kid forever. But when you’re ready to Grow Bolder, this is the place. This film firmly plants that flag during the 2018 Olympics. Through out the year, the campaign itself will grow to highlight kids inside and outside the park who Grow Bolder.