The Hamsters have been putting the Soul in the spotlight for nearly a decade, but when Kia introduced a brand new Soul to the world, we felt the need to deliver a fresh spin. Why? Because this baby is not an ordinary Soul. It’s a Turbo Soul. 201 horsepower. Born for speed. To announce its arrival, we conceived a newborn baby hamster that is so quick it is impossible to catch. The spot tells the story of a young nurse who discovers an empty bassinet in the hospital nursery. We reveal that the missing baby is our speedy newborn hamster, racing through the hospital in a diaper, destroying everything in its path as doctors and nurses chase after it in hot pursuit. To drive it home, music-wise, we chose the sonic embodiment of speed: Motorhead’s iconic speed metal anthem “Ace Of Spades.” Which paid off. In spades. The idea was simple. Turn the corner on a long-running campaign, and then floor it into the future.