There are those who move through the world at a nice, steady pace, content to let life simply happen around them. These people never question anything. They never ask for more.

Then there are the brave.

These select few demand more and are prepared to fight for it. They're never satisfied with what they have achieved. They're determined to be better. They're willing to take risks, and hold themselves accountable.

The brave take on challenges others might walk away from. They don't charge blindly into the fray, but rather arm themselves with intelligence and creativity in order to outwit, outwork, and outlast the opposition.

Remember, there will always be somebody better than you. Someone quicker, wiser, more experienced, or more talented. It all comes down to who wants it more, who's brave enough to push, to fight, and rise to the occasion.

The truth is, nobody ever became great without first being brave.

A Creative Agency


Brian Dunbar

“Keep pushing your personal limits. Never say never.”
Brian leads the agency’s business strategy and operations and oversees the account management department at David&Goliath. In addition to David&Goliath’s clients, his 25+ year career in advertising includes work on some of the world’s most iconic brands: eBay, E*TRADE, Doritos, Adobe, Budweiser and American Airlines. He has a passion for building brands and bringing big creative ideas to life. Advertising produced for his clients has received hundreds of awards for creativity and effectiveness ranging from Cannes Lions to Effies. Before joining David&Goliath, Brian was President of his own agency, Chief Marketing Officer at a new media start-up, Associate Partner at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, and Group Account Director at DDB. Brian has been a frequent guest lecturer on branding and advertising at the Stanford, Haas, and UC Davis graduate schools of business.